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Nov. 3, 2015 Psalm 118, Luke 3, Psalm 67 (21)

We discussed Mercy vs love as the words in the Psalm. But when we ask God for mercy we are asking for gods enduring presence in our love.
Now to Luke 3. We begin with John the Baptist and his ministry. John was the forerunner to Jesus and began his policies. John makes the claim he is the one who fulfills the prophecy of Isaiah. People who prepare for the king make the road easier for the king and John claimed to be the one preparing for Jesus as king. When did this happen, it is triangulated by when people were in the areas mentioned. What do you need to do according to John, be. More charitable and don’t cheat. Luke’s gospel is more global and reaches out to others. The gospels were probably group projects and people shared their memories. For example, John was probably over 80 when his gospel was written and it was a group project. Steve read the genealogy of Jesus, which starts with Jesus and goes back to Adam and to God. Some people think that Luke was giving Mary’s genealogy here and not Josephs. It is supposed that Mary was related to David and not Joseph. and at that time, women weren’t supposed to be important. both Luke and Matthew provide genealogies, with Luke starting at Adam and Matthew starting at Abraham. The two genealogies are the same from Abraham to David, but differ drastically from there on. That is why some people think that Luke’s was for Mary while Matthew’s was for Joseph. Matthew’s lineage is in Matthew 1:1-17.