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June 6, 2018 Psalm 71:1-13, Reclaiming Jesus, Psalm71:14-24

Tom led our discussion of Reclaiming Jesus. Bill suggested that in many ways things are going very well economically and political. chuck says there are strong issues that are protested and rightly so. he thinks that the protesters today maybe demeaning and disrespectful of their elders. what is truth is a real question. there is a lot of disruption that has occurred. the situation is worsened by our president being a megalomaniac. Jesus made extreme statements about what we should do in our lives and how we should treat others. historically violence is a part of social change. Sinclair Lewis’ book It can’t happen here might be a good thing to read and understand how so many small changes can make a huge change and undermine our way of life. why isn’t the problem of incarceration included. Here is the link to this article

February 21, 2018 Psalm 49:1-12, Jonah 3, Psalm 49:13-20, (21)

This was probably a centuries later than it appears. There is some Jeremiah and Isaiah in here. It is the first time a foreign country or city was forgiven. Why was Jonah so afraid of going to Ninevah. What was the bad thing that Ninevah had done? Ninevah was a city of 200000 and must have been a challenge to talk to and get the message. Assyria of which Ninevah was the capital was responsible for dismantling the northern kingdom. This occurred in the 700 bc time frame. So this is a scary place and I don’t want my god forgiving Assyria. Israel started its decline after the monarchy started and then it was divided. Look at the list of kings in the lutheran study bible. There is also a timeline in which Jonah is listed. At this time people were into omens and many were found in this area. Jonah wad a better missionary than he thought he was and the king set a better example. What to Assyria after this. Did any good things happen after Assyria admitted its faults? This was written at the time of Ezra’s reforms after the Babylonian exile. Israel was rebuilding its society, customs and looking inward. And forget about the rest of the world and that God loves them too. How does God influence us to live in love and hope? Bill says it would be fun to know who wrote it down and why it was written. What was expected of his audience?

March 28, 2017, Psalm 41, Deuteronomy 18-19, Psalm 99 (22)

This is a rant about how badly his friends thought of him and how treacherous they were to him. Interesting to hear the dietary restrictions of the levites. The intention is to support the Levites but not too well. Advice is given about how to recognize a prophet. If what he says doesn’t happen, he is a false prophet. Divination is finding the future and that is an abomination to the Lord. What is it about foretelling the future that makes it evil. Is it because they took advantage of the people or was it because it was a challenge to God. Thomas Merton met Buddhist monks to find their revelation and wisdom. The glue holding the people together was religion, but others may have similar thoughts. There are Beal hymns among our hymns. Is a false prophet one who takes advantage or makes people do bad things. We like right on our side. A pastor Sinn sad he grazed in all pastures but gave his perspective to what was being said. The Lord said that they should designate sanctuary cities for people to take refuge when they commit involuntary manslaughter. Otherwise, others may avenge the death. They lived in an era of blood dishonor. Were they setup to protect the Innocents? Were the levites happy to be priests?

August 2, 2016, Psalm 123, Luke 16:19-31, Psalm 124 (19)

It is a revenge envy that if you have a good life on earth the after life will be bad, and visa versa. Supposedly, Jesus twisted it to having it about the poor man. Are most of the stories about the afterlife, but maybe it can be realized in this life. What is our view of the afterlife? In the times of this life was focused on this life not the hereafter. Is this about our indifference to the poor? Are we corrupted by wealth or by is it the fact that we don’t share? Possibly the indifference of the rich and the poor. does being poor qualify them for heaven. Not necessarily but Jesus doesn’t distinguish what makes the difference. This would have run well for the 1st Christians who felt they were the servant class, and therefore this felt to them like their ticket to heaven. This has to do with the rich man’s lack of compassion. What was the redeeming character of the poor man. This suggests we need to show hospitality to our neighbor no matter how poor the circumstances. The whole setting if this chapter is weird, as we have the crooked manager, Jesus talks to the Pharisees about their live of money, and the rich go to hell and poor go to heaven. I guess Jesus is directing his message here to the Pharisees and their hypocrisy. Indifference is the opposite if hospitality. Jesus is saying even if I rise from the dead it won’t convince people to believe.

August 25, 2015 I Samuel 26-27

It is interesting to follow this story, because some Ziphites came to Saul at Gibeah and told him where David was hiding and Saul immediately set out to find him but didn’t succeed. Yet a little later, Jonathan easily found David in the area. Maybe they communicated by cell phones, but Saul didn’t have the latest technology. Then later, David goes to Saul’s camp and finds him unguarded but says he will not kill Saul, because Saul is anointed of God to be king. Then later on, David announces to Saul that he has been in his camp and had the opportunity but didn’t kill him. Saul says he will not kill David. Then David moves to the area ruled by the Philistines and settles in but proceeds to act as if he is a terrorist. Achish who allowed him to be in Ziklag  would ask who he had raided. David replied, “Oh, the Negev of Judah, or the Negev of Jerahmeel, or the Negev of the Kenites. These were all towns in Israel, and sow Ashish thought he was creating a problem for himself and would never be able to go back to Israel.He never left a single person alive lest one show up in Gath and tell Achish what David was really doing. Achish wasn’t aware he was raiding the Canaanite people of the area such as the Geshurites, the Girzites, and the Amalekites.  This would strengthen the appeal to the Isrealites. Here is an interesting reference site that describes what is going on with David and Saul at that time. David, Achish, and Saul