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1-30-12 Micah 6-7 (11)

We discussed the last two chapters in Micah. We will probably do Nahum next since it is such a short book. God indicted the people for their worship of false gods, after he brought them out of slavery in Egypt. The question is raised as to why the people have reacted in this way. Verse 6:8 is widely used: The question is asked what is good and what does God require, to do justice and to live kindness and to walk humbly with your god. Then Micah goes on to rail against the evil that had beset the people. John thought it sounded like the Republican debates. Micah goes through a whole list of faults of the people. Do we not see these same complaints today? It is still the case that wealth can stand in the way of a good relationship with God. Micah laments in chapter 7 that the godly have perished from the earth. He says you cannot trust anyone, but have to look to the Lord for his salvation and he is sure that God will hear him.He then prophecies that God witll return and guide the people in the right way just as He guided them out of Egypt.

03/03/2009 Mark 4

Paul made a comment about the stock market as the Dow had fallen below 7000 and we needed a good prayer because of the economic problems the country was having. Then we started talking about parables and the way that Jesus used them to educate his disciples. This led us to a discussion of the authenticity of the Bible. Oral traditions were ways to pass on historical facts of what was happening. Al made a point that people at that time didn’t understand Jesus purpose on earth and it is not clear some of these stories helped. It is not clear why Jesus told outsiders parables because they probably would have difficulty understanding them. We speculated about how historically accurate the writing might be. But as Gene says, the Bible is inspired by God. We raised questions about the Kingdom of God and what is its secret? When Jesus calmed the seas, is that rebuking the devil. The sermon on the Mount is a prescription for how we should be living in Christ.