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July 15, 2014 Job 31-32 (17)

Eliphat, Bildad, and Zophar all give their take on why this has happened to Job. Bildad says it is the kids, Zophar says that Job is impious and non repentant. Several psalms sound like this.  Is he saying I haven’t done any of the ifs? I think so. The while structure is if. Then. Are the consequences punishable? John G. says god may be the center of the book. God and Satan have agreed to the test to see is job righteous because he expects wealth. Whatever steps were in place God would reward job in the end. How does God work? Is job so righteous that he in no way would merit the kind of treatment he has received. Mark says that life gives me circumstances and we have to deal with it. Riches aren’t the measure of righteousness. The idea of god gets us thru things. When bad things happen to good people why.  God knows there is a silver lining and he is waiting for us to find it. We should be prepared for what will happen. Man can’t be God may be the point of the book. The age in years doesn’t make one wise. Go back to Deuteronomy 4-5 the for the schema. What is meant by lovong god. Jesus said it isn’t about loving god but love each others. OT is book for Hebrews. God are you in the midst of this or not. 

June 24, 2014 Job 1-3 (15)

Bill led the beginning of the discussion on Job. He started by asking us some questions. Do we believe that God gives us a good life? Do we believe that God is responsible for the bad things we experience in life? Does God direct both the good and evil that happens in life? Is God responsible for evil? or just the good things that happen in our lives? Can we be angry with God over our lot in life? Should we ever curse God? Chuck added some comments by Victor Hugo and Thomas Carlyle about what great writing this was. We really don’t know exactly when it was written or who wrote it.

Chapter 1 detailed how Satan asked God’s permission to inflict losses on Job. Satan is not really identified as the devil, but more as the accuser and seems to be an individual who has God’s ear. So Satan took away his flocks, herds, camels, and his children. This inflicted doubts on Job, but didn’t inflict personal harm or illness to Job. That was in chapter 2. Then in chapter 3, Job cites the poem of defeat asking that he wished he had never been born. He says that it would have been better not to have ever entered this life. We discussed how this is different from suicide. Isn’t it interesting that in this time frame of the patriarchs, say around 2000 BC, that people were raising these questions and trying to find answers to them. Frank had three reasons for God to promote evil in our lives, one is punishment for our sins, another is to make us stronger or refine our faith, and the third is to provide an example to others of handling evil in our lives. Presumably we can do it well and our faith remains strong. Maybe we strive for heaven on earth which may be to be in the right relationships with our family and friends. Possibly death is the great equalizer and there is no king or pauper. None have more money than anyone else because there is no money. The third chapter is a beautiful poem but it expresses a feeling of hopelessness while much of the Bible expresses hope in the future. A commitment of God to make an enduring covenant with us.