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May 16, 2017 psalm 63 Deuteronomy 31, psalm 92, (19)

A song of Moses is in chapter 32. This is spoken to all the people but the forecast is that people will desert the Lord and then He will desert the people. Different ways to study scripture. Form, text , historical. Pries thinks this is jumbled together texts. It is like telling children that they will screw up and fail many times in their lives. There will be consequences of your actions. God was saying here is a beautiful land for you and Moses said you will screw up and lose it. Is 14 to 23 just part of the commission of Joshua. Why is it that God fights against the idols of the native people’s of the land. Is it that he is trying to keep us from the outcomes of those religions. There is a short term fun and long term happiness. It is hard to achieve a balance. Psalm 32 is a Bal hymn. We somehow got into a discussion of chosen where the people would breed into problems because of inbreeding. Elevated risk in the probability background. Read psalm cannonade Psalms.

May 9, 2017 psalm 140:1-8, Deuteronomy 29-30, psalm 140:9-13, (21)

I noted verse 29:26, it sounds like there are other gods God could have given them. Deuteronomy 4:19 also refers to this. We say today that we worship other gods like money, family, celebrities. But isn’t this the presence of other things that we worship. They wanted the Israelites to win and therefore  they attributed it to god. Gene says that his daughters church in the communion says when Jesus is betrayed they say when Jesus hands himself over to the Romans. There is a lot of repitition of the phrase obey God or suffer the consequences, meaning your destruction. The life concept is repeated 6 times for emphasis. Hear the commandments and have a good life. Verse 14 says that your operating procedures get embedded in your being. If you live in God’s commandments then wealth will come to you in many ways. What is the evidence that God loves you it you love God and are attentative to gods call. One of Frank’s favorite phrases in a sermon is Now. There is an immediency to this which brings us into our lives. Assimilation can take many forms. Assimilation may include conformity. Language carries culture.

May 2, 2017, psalm 109:1-19, Deuteronomy 28, psalm 109:20-31 (25)

This book is a pretty terrible description of the curses that are extraordinarily nasty. You could characterize in 3 ways, ag curses, personal illness, and enemies would defeat them. Bob Kaplan visited us today. He noted the evilness of catabolism. Pries noted there were rewards and curses in the same manner. This may be the basis for wealth for believers and sickness and evil for non believers that Job struggled with. This may be the source of the wealth ministry but doesn’t deal with the curses and what that means. These are the many stories told by various people. Why was this included? There is no Jewish equivalent to the pope. And therefore there is much diversity among Jewish people. Pries remarked about the constant fight against idols made of precious metals and stone. Kaplan said he didn’t think Deuteronomy could be seen as a transcription from God to the people. Why bad things happen to good people is certainly a by product of all of this. It certainly is a problem for people who believe every word in the Bible is inspired by God must have problems with the inner inconsistencies. There is much diversity of beliefs among Judaism. Mariachi  is a collection of stories which is least formidable part of their beliefs. The Jewish Bible includes the prophets, the Talmud, and of course the Torah. Bill asks if this is a change in our perception of God or is a change in how God chooses to act. Al says that this is the basis of treaties in the middle East at the time. The concept of grace doesn’t come up in Judaism, but there are certainly are references to kindness, helpfulness, and almost grace among people. Jews believe more in using the concept of God to guide their daily lives and really don’t have discussions about the afterlife.
Kaplan was asked about the priestly line from Aaron was because their father said so. The name Cohen and Kaplan is a variation of the priestly line come from Aaron. A rabbi is not a priest but rather a teacher. There appears to be no formal priestly function in Judaism but possibly calling on Cohen’s or Levites to formally end Torah readings.

April 25, 2017 Pssalm55:1-11, Deuteronomy 26, Psalm 55:12-23, (24)

The fact that this being a land of milk and honey several times. When did the land become less arid than it is today. We also discussed the people who gave to remember the ancesters and God said they should not do that from the tithe. John mentioned the CNN series Believer which features Reza Anselm about different religions. Al says there is a strong emphasis on growing products outside the water saturated Delta areas. How did people get to be chosen? Maybe it is an identity thing that these people are writing their relationship with God. There might have been other people’s who also had this relationship with God. In early times there were other gods, but it has evolved into one God. This happened in about 300 ad.
We then turned to check 27. This is the chapter of rules and the people acquiescence to them. Verse 9 says thou art become a people of God. Might the use of uncut stone be a reaction to the pharaohs who set them up as God and thus were an affront to jehovah to the creation?

April 18, 2017, Psalm 17:1-7, Deuteronomy 24-25, Psalm 17:8-15 (22)

A question about Miriam who had leprosy. It is a skin disease carried by armadillos and is now called Hansen’s disease. Why would it be an abomination. Nationbetween. This is the kind of law you might work out over the kitchen table by the Pharisees. It is also like case law. Is God writing this down? If the Bible isn’t all correct then can we believe anything. Where is women’s rights in all this? Luther was also interpreting the scriptures at his time. This is a culture trying to make order for their society.
Chapter 25 deals with protecting the maleness of the society and preserving the patriarchal determination of the society. The 10 commandments were probably added in later and these rules were adopted to guide the city. In those days ones shoe was used to seal a business deal.
We are looking at dealing with questions about the readings we are dealing.

April 11, 2017 psalm 134, Deuteronomy 22-23, psalm 12, (21)

What was the difference between the clothing of men and women’s clothing. Why was it an abomination to god for a man to wear men’s and women’s clothing. It is the attitude of the individual not the actual clothing. No cross dressing because that confuses the sex of the person, and God has specified sexual differences​. What things do we take as rules to live by in the OT and what things can we ignore. Is the writer making up these laws. These laws came about through the levites but it was probably the regional society’s version of justice. Laws are important to nation building. And it was important to have rules to protect the morality of the people and the nation. These laws are based on some standard for the country and does it change over time. Does our constitution need changing or amplification by the supreme country for example to amplify the 2nd amendment. Chapter 23 is a wired set of rules. The eunuchs are trusted in Isaiah 52 than they are here. Verse 15, they speak against returning a slave to his master. Why are the people of the middle East so opposed to the use of interest on loans of money. Yet in latter years Jews have been very involved in money lending.

April 4, 2017 salm 4, Deuteronomy 20 and 21, psalm 5, (21)

We get to choose which things we do today as in war, in some cases you kill every living thing and in other cases you kill just the soldiers. Jesus said many things in opposition to the old testament. There is a bit of nation building. Try for peace first. Then make sure everyone is really ready then go in and kill them. You don’t kill everyone who are a long way away because you need to maintain the supply line. Is this kind of war we waged against the Indians in the west. For close cities, you wipe out the people and their practice.
Chapter 21 has rules for how you treat the vanquished. The rules for the body that were made were about purifying the ground. They assumed that a body would be from the closest town. There was no compassion for the body, but purify the people who found it and purify the ground.

March 28, 2017, Psalm 41, Deuteronomy 18-19, Psalm 99 (22)

This is a rant about how badly his friends thought of him and how treacherous they were to him. Interesting to hear the dietary restrictions of the levites. The intention is to support the Levites but not too well. Advice is given about how to recognize a prophet. If what he says doesn’t happen, he is a false prophet. Divination is finding the future and that is an abomination to the Lord. What is it about foretelling the future that makes it evil. Is it because they took advantage of the people or was it because it was a challenge to God. Thomas Merton met Buddhist monks to find their revelation and wisdom. The glue holding the people together was religion, but others may have similar thoughts. There are Beal hymns among our hymns. Is a false prophet one who takes advantage or makes people do bad things. We like right on our side. A pastor Sinn sad he grazed in all pastures but gave his perspective to what was being said. The Lord said that they should designate sanctuary cities for people to take refuge when they commit involuntary manslaughter. Otherwise, others may avenge the death. They lived in an era of blood dishonor. Were they setup to protect the Innocents? Were the levites happy to be priests?

March 21, 2017, psalm 33:1-9, Deuteronomy 16-17 psalm 33;9-22, (24)

This is a calendar of religious activities. Four festivals of unleavened breads, harvest, weeks, and booths.  The calendar for Passover was set to be when the barley is ripe. (7 times 7 weeks till the barley is at the right level of ripeness. Some people see Jesus in these festivals. We followed some sort of calendar which may follow some sort of these kind of festivals. Al said that although Constantine made ok to be christian, it was at Thessaloniki when christian Jews became untaxed. This was when lots of people became christian. Moses imposed an order on the people and is really the beginning of Judaism. In chapter 17, a judicial system is established with punishments and hierarchy of rulers. Hither to the Lord has chosen us. God said they could have kings, but this was actually written in the time of kings. Look in Exodus 20:22-24 for more about kings. There are penalties for not obeying the Lord.

March 14, 2017, psalm 132:1-10, Deuteronomy 14:22-28, 15, psalm 132:11-18 (19)

We read about the tithe and remember the poor and homeless. Notice that the Levites had no part of the tithe. Chapter 15 is about the year of Jubilee. They incorporate both northern and southern concepts, merging the Moses tradition with ideas of David and Solomon. This text is interesting because of the concept of Jubilee. Eldon said they is not good for bankers. It says the poor will always be with us. Is this reference to something like affordable Care act. Why not provide universal care for all. How do we care for people. The level of care in the US will decline. How do we address the issues of unfairness whether it be health care or lack of shelter, food, etc. The lack of justice is the problem with care of any kind.