Nov. 21, 2018 psalm 129, john 2, psalm 146, (19)

The two stories are the wedding at Cana and making wine from water, and the cleansing of the temple. mary is mentioned twice, once at begonning and agsin at the end. my time has yet to come means his time on the cross. what drives his mother’s anxiety,  and why did she turn to Jesus. weddings could last 3-5 days and different people supplied wine at different times, and Jesus could have been referring to that, but the crucifixion may be the stronger of the reasons. Bill recommends the gospel of Mary. joseph had another family and was probably older than Mary. john had likely died by this time.
jesus uses scripture to justify himself as the messiah. john probably knew about the other gospels, but chose to make a different emphasis for his life. this gospel is framed in terms of other things going on in the Jewish world  like  the festival of booths  etc.