Nov. 7,2018 psalm 71:1-16, john 1, psalm 71:17-24, (26)

debate about john who wrote and when  probably anywhere from 80-95  could be written by a disciple of john  what does it mean to see the word was god or in the beginning was eternal wisdom  could you say that in the beginning god was pure energy. dirk sees energy is from the spirit. the audience was the Greek people, and greeks understand the idea of logos and didn’t require them to know about Jewish history. maybe why there no parables. maybe true should be real. so what does it mean real light. this could be referring to the idea that jesus came as a real man. the Greek gods had human identities. did john the baptist really not know Jesus. their mothers knew each other well. synagogues used to have pools outside to cleanse before going in. this may be the beginning of baptism as sort of a cleansing act. the muslims have this tradition of cleansing.