August 22, 2018 Psalm 44:1-16, ecclesiastes 3:9- , (23)

this is a strange book, god is just and good, but the author is full of crap. this the book of vanities the word fear in 14 probably means revere and awe. isn’t fear judgement or is it more the idea of jaw breaking awe idea. everything has been done and will endure for. it suggests that since what god has done endures forever, possibly god instituted evolution and contonually creates changes in the world and all its creatures. there is nothing new under the sun. maybe that is why the author is called a philosopher not a prophet. does this mean god had everything created and we reveal that as we learn more about what really exists. V9 asks if it really makes a difference what we do. is v 12 life, liberty, anx the pursuit of happiness. the author questions if humans are really different from animals. is that what god meant when he told adam and eve that the knowledge of good and evil is the difference between humans and animals. when did the concept of soul originate?