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July 18, 2018 Psalm 36, I thessalonians 2, Psalm (20)

Al read the nagamonti prayer of Paul.Paul talks about not depending on the people he is visiting, but maybe there is a hint of arrogance and braggedadocia.Paul has to assert his credentials. But Paul was making policies for the churches. The story of the problem Paul had in Phillipi is told in Acts 16:13-19. There were many competing gods, idols, ideologies, and Paul had to preach the difference between Christ’s teachings and these other religious teachings. Many of them were more developed and possibly more organized and it would have been more difficult to distinguish from these other groups. 

July 11, 2018 psalm 54, I Thessalonians 1, psalm (25)

earliest writer from the early church. thessalonica was in Macedonia. the letter shows pauls relationship with the church he had established. they still thought jesus would come any day. people have served many gods but we believe in jesus as true God. distinguish between a conversio and a call. the differencef between jewish christion and jewish beliefs. look at bishop tsendall. calls and conversion. paul was with the disciples in Damascus and learned about the church. the early years they just fragments, but by 150 there were whole letters. paul congratulates them on getting new members and living their faith. when the jews conquered territories the people linving there might become jews and the major distinction was that such jewish women couldnt marry priests.  verse 5 suggesta that the oral tradition was what the people believed. did they actually reference the gospels in other books. when did the jews settle on what their scriptures are? is it just the pentateuch?