June 27, 2018 Psalm 94:1-14, Mark16, Psalm 94:15-23 (19)

only the first 8 verses are from the original. they are from possible other gospels. the 8 verses end with an empty tomb, so that presents a problem so the early church had to make an addition that sounds like something that had to be changed. what does that mean for the veracity of the church and the scriptures selected for the Bible. does it mean that it has substance since it has survived so long. where does the basis of the church at that point, was it in Jerusalem, Galilee. there groups affiliated with john the Baptist, early beginnings of Paul, Peter, and even the mystic views of John. there were others who believed Christianity was just another Jewish sect. so it was very Jewish. there is a collection of early scrolls called the Nagamonti, which proceeded the dead sea scrolls. (here is a link to the early versions of the scriptures: Description of early scrolls ) there was also an oral tradition that carried on to determine some of the substance of Christianity. was Jesus a Christian?  the letters of Paul provide the basis for the future direction of Christianity. we will do I Thessalonians starting on July 11, and will then follow with Romans. an early heretic said the new testament should be Mark and 10 letters of Paul. which letters were actually were written by Paul? Is Paul trying to persuade or explain or infirm them.
We will proceed to read I Thessalonians on July 11, 2018