June 13, 2018 Psalm75, Mark 14, Psalm134 (27)

Jeff gives the reason for having the young man who lost his linen cloth and ran away. he said it was John Mark. we discussed the woman he poured the nard over Jesus. was his statement about giving to the poor a weak statement? is thus like people attacking the poor today? was Judas predestined to do betray Jesus. Jesus really condemned him and said it would be better if he had never be born. chuck had a version whose notes said that Judas hated Jesus. Jesus knew that Judas was going to betray him and that was why Jesus chose him. Why is this story told as it was. does the time influence how Mark wrote this story. Judas was probably one of the scariot sect, the dagger people, who had assassinated people they opposed. there was a version of this story without Judas and he was added afterwards for the affect. Dan is going on about how god is somewhere in the future and knows about what is happening to us now. Jim was saying that he had seen the last supper in Haiti and everyone was black except for Judas who was white interesting. what changed Europe more, the reformation or the discovery of the new world?