June 6, 2018 Psalm 71:1-13, Reclaiming Jesus, Psalm71:14-24

Tom led our discussion of Reclaiming Jesus. Bill suggested that in many ways things are going very well economically and political. chuck says there are strong issues that are protested and rightly so. he thinks that the protesters today maybe demeaning and disrespectful of their elders. what is truth is a real question. there is a lot of disruption that has occurred. the situation is worsened by our president being a megalomaniac. Jesus made extreme statements about what we should do in our lives and how we should treat others. historically violence is a part of social change. Sinclair Lewis’ book It can’t happen here might be a good thing to read and understand how so many small changes can make a huge change and undermine our way of life. why isn’t the problem of incarceration included. Here is the link to this article¬† http://reclaimingjesus.org/