May 16, 2018 Psalm 81, Mark 11, Psalm 83 (25)

tom is back!! this is all about authority and where Jesus got the authority he had. why did he curse the fig tree? the fruitless fig tree is symbolic of the fruitless Israeli people. in that day fig trees belonged to the person who planted it. work without faith is fruitless. he was foretelling the destruction of the temple. before this chapter we have had a lot of healing, now we get the judgment from Jesus. supposedly the people were praising him with the words of psalms 113-118. I am not so sure about the crowd gather and praising him so spontaneously. what are you praying for? verse 24 says whatever you ask in prayer believe that you have received it and it will be yours. Jesus is praying for us. What should we be praying for, maybe it is for safeness or strength and fulfillment. is prayer anything than self talking preparing fir what may will happen. the eastern form of prayer is more contemplative and focuses on listening to God. is there something about what we pray for that requires us to change something about ourselves. the question could be why not act towards others as we would like to happen. only be peaceful with those like us is easy.