May 9, 2018 Psalm 23, Mark 10, Psalm 113 (25)

Adam told about a shepherd, a young girl, who fought off jackals for her sheep. Mark talks about divorce and the difficulty of coming into heaven. bill says obviously Jesus was talking to a very selfish person, he wasn’t talking about us for whom money and possessions aren’t the center of our lives. it is difficult to know when the Bible is inerrant and when you ignore it. are we in the kingdom now and what does that mean. if you can’t earn it, why come. with God, everything is possible or else why are we here. we can’t be good enough to save our self. the point of emphasis of thus chapter is the healing of Bartimaeus was done by his faith. In Germany the nation creates the church funding and to change or drop membership you have to go thru paperwork with the country. Is Jesus espousing predestination? But who do you trust in Jesus, or yourself, or someone else or just have faith. the chapter goes back and forth between simple ways to belief and things that stand in our ways.