April 11, 2018 Psalm 130, Mark 6, Psalm 132 (25)

THIS IS A CHAPTER about faith. he started out saying he didn’t heal in Nazareth because they didn’t believe him. we are taught faith comes thru the Holy Spirit not by our efforts. Yet when he got in the boat with his disciples he hardened their hearts. Jesus just walked on the water and yet they didn’t believe. However Jesus then went and healed many people. pastor M. says this, particularly the empowering of the 12, is about the partnership in the ministry. norm says many times when asked to do something he is overwhelmed by the task but by faith he can do it or he joined with others to accomplish the task. how about the story of John the Baptist. he was killed on the whim of a teen aged girl influenced by her mother. Compare death of Jesus and John. Both killed by a leader whose hand was forced by the crowd or someone else, disciples didn’t claim Jesus’ body but they did claim john except his head. The audience was gentiles in Rome. Mark was written to help the people outside of Palestine. This was written just at the reign of Niro. What about shaking the dust off their feet if not received warmly. This is like cursing the town or the people therein. John the Baptist was upset by Herod marrying his brother’s wife which was a violation of Jewish law. And Herod was upset by this killed john without consulting with the Jews or the Romans.