April 4, 2018 Psalm 112, Mark 5, Psalm 129 (24)

steve read about the pope’s comment about hell for bill’ s benefit. we talked about what some versions talked about a horn blaring in verse 9. we didnt reach a conclusion. this is all about healing. jesus actually told someone he was healing to tell people he was healed by jesus. but then he told Jairus not to tell others abiut the healing. Dan brought up the topic of Martin Luther King’s death 50 years ago. this was just after his famous Mountain Top speech. It is a different path than jesus healing others. we talked about the racial problem that exists even to thus day even here in Iowa City. This whole chapter talks about the purity of the temple. we talked about the woman who touched his robe and felt the power left him and healed her. Did jesus know who had touched him, but yet he frequently told people not to tell about the healing. it is a premise that God gives us faith. Does that mean God can withhold faith from us?