March 28, 2018 psalm 73:1-14, mark 4, psalm, (24)

The psalm may be the cry of a victim. Ed asked about vs. 22-25. it may be about understanding the gospel. why did he think he had to talk in parables? vs 12 says lest they turn and be forgiven. is he saying these people refuse to be forgiven. this could interpreted as the gospel of wealth. Jesus challenges us to learn about him and our faith. is the role of ministers to comfort or challenge? what does it mean to bear fruit? to preach the gospel is it necessary to use words? do we need stories to make things come alive. people┬álisten to a pastor not to hear the story but to hear what the message of the story is. we talked about the evangelical preachers like billy graham and oral Roberts. they preached fire and brimstone but people liked what they heard but can’t repeat what they hear Pastor Miller says that those who have understanding will receive more. people react differently to storms and their ability to weather them. bill asked, which seed are you? possibly all of them. thus nay have occurred at different spaces or times.