March 14, 2018 psalm 77:1-20, Mark 2, psalm 43 (20)

Psalm 77 talks about the problems of old age but ends in praise to God. i. mark he talks about sinners. who were the sinners and were they called sinners publically? Were they tax collectors? the revenues went to Rome for the temple of Jupiter. this was a terrible thing for the Jews. in that society honor meant wealth. what is jesus saying to us not to put new wine in old wineskins. Is this saying that the old system is defunct and we need to move to Jesus’ system. God doesn’t cause bad things to happen.  but if He is all powerful, why can’t He stop bad things from happen? What does this mean about repentence? How did jesus perceive what the scribes were thinking, maybe it was the way they looked at him. Is confession central to absolution? Jesus heals the paralytic because of the faith of the people who carried him there. Jesus uses the words ‘son of man’ to stress his humanity. Why would jesus emphasize his humanity when he was imparting forgiveness to someone, a godly task? Is faith intellectual ascent or is it trust? Hebrews contains the meaning of faith. To Abraham it meant righteousness. in matter evangelical churches they focus on how to follow Jesus. the disciples of John were a source of division as compared to Jesus’ disciples.