February 28, 2018 Psalm 134, Jonah 4, Psalm 44, (22)

we finish Jonah today and will go a different book next time. we will do Mark next. we talked about Gods will and the timeframe in which He works. how does this relate to current Palestine? God has acted differently at various times. when Abraham came to Palestine he just tried to fit in. Lot’s city, Sodom, and Gomorrah were destroyed. Joshua led the Israelites against Jericho and surrounding cities which were destroyed when the Israelites came back from Egypt. now He is trying to save Ninevah. we can’t predict Gods actions or are they really man trying to imposing his answer to a situation. we should be trying to determine what the message to the people at that time. people project their biases onto God. The Jesus faction or direction at this point is changing direction because of the nagonomie digs to include more influence to Thomas as a gospel. We go to Mark next. We last discussed Mark before 2012 in the era when Jerry wrote notes for Paul Horick for our record of the Lost Boys.