Februrary 6, 2018 psalm 48:1-14, Jonah 1, psalm 96 (13)

He promises to be our guide forever to the end. What is time? How did we get the time divisions we have today. There is a link to Tarshish in Jonah. There are 5 minor prophets including Jonah. Only 5 words of prophecy in Jonah. And Nineveh will be destroyed. We discussed the stated size of Ninevah being 3 days walk. It might be a realtors exaggeration!! Jonah is the first apostle to the Gentiles. Sometimes we get involved in an intellectual discussion of something in the bible and we get caught up in an attempt to assess whether it could happen. We need to look at what the message is about and what God is telling us to do. Does God care about the people of Nineveh? This book tells that God speaks to others beyond the Jews. Is Jonah a Jesus figure, but Jonah is resisting gods will whereas Jesus is carrying out gods will. Jonah was running from God because he didn’t want to confront the people of Nineveh. The large problem for us is how to discern that there are prophets and who we should trust and believe. Prophecy is more about telling the people what God wants us to do not necessarily a fortune teller.