January 30, 2018 psalm 19:1-6, II peter 2-3, Psalm 18:7-14, (20)

This psalm is supposedly the amalgam of 3 psalms. Here we talk about God’s glory as the dawn breaks. II Peter 2 talks about false prophets and how their writings were to be avoided. This is similar to Jude. Among the Gnostics, the body doesn’t matter, only the mind. Therefore you can do whatever you want with the body. Similar to epicureans. II Peter shows how we should live. This is the world Job wanted to live in. Were the angels running around in the streets? This comes from Genesis and refers to the giants in the early earth. Angels refer to messengers or the mouthpiece of God. We must be aware of false prophets, but the problem is recognizing these people. Al says a tenet of Islam is that if you hear of about it and don’t believe then you are condemned. Many Jews believe in a redeemer who would come to bring a new order and deliver them from the Romans. Christ didn’t return as they expected, so Peter referred to the psalm that talks about each day to god is like a thousand years to us. We don’t really know the time. There is a tension throughout scriptures between God’s will and ours. This is so hard to understand so don’t twist it into your own uses.