January 2, 2018 Psalm 123, I Peter 2 (150

The psalm asks for relief without bargaining for it. They didn’t offer to be good in exchange for help. It was a song they would sing to god for many years. We then talked about music in ancient times. In I Peter there is a longing for a heavenly home. The concept of purgatory might have come from Jesus saying he had to be made whole and then in Maccabees there is a description of playing for the dead. We are likened here to sheep who tend to wander off and Jesus will bring us back. The people are told they shouldn’t fight back when oppressed by others, but you should live justly no matter how much adversity you face. It was set in a time when Christians were a subject of derision. Peter writes to Christians who struggle because the live in this world but are really citizens of heaven.
He was encouraging people by saying that the time would come but we don’t know when. This could have been addressed to the servants in order to be saved and have the hope of heaven. We have to be careful that we don’t just knuckle under no matter what. Do we face suffering today although we think our faith is a result of our superiority and is a reward to us for our goodness.