December 12, 2017 psalm 50:1-11, No reading from John today, psalm 50:12-23, (23)

(We had a discussion today but didn’t read another chapter. )
John talks about sin and redemption but in john sin is unbelief. In other gospels, sin is more of missing the mark and not obeying the commandments. Many churches talk about big sins and this makes abortion or homosexual behavior a test of whether you are Christian or not. But sin should be more about having a right relationship with God. John the Baptist came to make our relationship with God right. Belief comes via the holy spirit. Believing is a gift of God. But then what is belief? Believing is trust in God.
Is sin more of apathy in belief rather than an active disbelief. We also have the 10 commandments and other laws of society to help us live together. How do we keep from making belief an action of ours, as opposed to a gift of God. How can we know for sure we are saved. If bad things happen to us is that a sign that God hasn’t saved us. Is it because we believe too much in ourselves.¬†If we believe in ourselves too much we diminish our trust in God. But he comes with faith and a right relationship with God. Our human temptation is to make repentance a condition for that right relationship with God. This in fact interferes¬†with our relationship and makes us sinful. At a recent funeral the pastor talked about the difference between a celebration of life as opposed to a celebration of the resurrection. Possibly the celebration of life can become all about the individual. We are more about life with Christ now as opposed to being all consumed about what happens after death. Maybe we leave the afterlife to God. Is the life we live now a foretaste of the life with God when our physical life ends. Does life after death mean just a continuation of our current life without pain and suffering or is it a totally different existence. Read psalm 8, about our significance in the universe. Determining what the afterlife becomes like determining the end of the universe.