December 5, 2017 psalm 106a:1-23, john 20, psalm 106b24-48, (27)

Reciting the sins of the people in psalm. 106. John talked about keeping up with the current commentaries and peoples idea of how they interpret and  understand the text. Where was Jesus at that time? We discussed the verse that says you can forgive the sins of others but if you don’t, they remain unforgiven. The message says if you don’t forgive sins, what are you going to do with them. John made the point that John tied the Old testament into his interpretation of Jesus’ life. Jesus was giving the holy spirit to the disciples, not to everyone. Forgiveness doesn’t take away the consequences of sin nor the fact that the event happened. Is repentance required for forgiveness. The word of forgiveness has to be accepted by the forgiven. It is up to God to ultimately consummate the forgiveness? Is punishment the opposite of forgiveness?