November 21, 2017 psalm 35:1-16,john 18, psalm 35 17-28, (26)

The psalm is all weeping and gnashing of teeth. The evil have overcome us. John described the temple rock mosque in Jerusalem. Then the wailing wall below. The mosque commemorates where Mohammad rose to heaven. The church of nations is at Gethsemane. This is the story of Jesus’s betrayal by Judas. Al says the swords were utility swords to ward off vermin. What about the duality of Peter’s role in all this is weird. He bravely tried to oppose the soldiers but then denied Jesus later and then his confession became the rock on which Jesus built his church. John said there were probably 600 Roman soldiers, so they were expecting Jesus to have many supporters. John has 7 “I ams” in his gospel. Pilate says this is not a political uprising, but a spiritual event. In that case Pilate would have no jurisdiction. In the ESV  Barabbas was a robber, but in other versions, contemporary English version, he was a terrorist. The zealots were a group trying exert their goal of having one god and objected to roman rule and the roman rule that ceasar was god. What if Jesus had raised an army would the story be different. But jesus wasn’t about force and violence. Jesus ministry from the beginning was a peaceful one.