Nov. 14, 2017 Psalm 134 john 17, psalm 13, (26)

We had a good discussion of the psalm in the give praise in the night. Priests would be awake on call through the night and prayed as well.
John isĀ all about unity and relationships. This lis the high priestly prayer. Why does the world hate followers of Jesus, because the world is for number 1 while Jesus is for all including the poor, the sick, those who are out of favor. The trinity is in all of us. Note Jesus says, this is eternal life that they know you the only true God and Jesus whom you have sent. The word God means the word of the breast. A caring mothering presence. We need others in our quest for God to apply the wisdom of all to understand this concept of God. At worship we come together as one and then go out as an individual to witness to the mission of Christ. God said to Moses that “I’m who I am and God is called Yahweh. The Jews think of this as a sacred reference to God. There is a difference between the Greek approach , that if reason as opposed to a mystical representation of Jesus. We like the image of Jesus as God. It doesn’t threaten us as the Old Testament prophets did. What purpose does mystery serve in our religion?