November 8, 2017 Psalm 88:1-10, John 16, Psalm 88:11-18, (24)

John M. agreed to lead us. All asked why don’t celebrate the helper or advocate (the Holy Spirit), the Holy spirit is an abiding presence in us as a representative of Jesus. Jesus makes us think it is a big deal of sending the helper to us. If the Holy spirit is in us we are equipped to carry on for Jesus. The holy spirit comes to us through the scriptures. So is this a continuum leading from God through Jesus sent by god to us and then on to the Holy Spirit sent by Jesus to us. So then wrap them up into one God. Is the Holy Spirit more of a verb than a noun. Don’t you know of the Holy Spirit by the fruits of your labors with Christ. The gifts of the spirit are all around us. This is one of the mysteries of life. Can we look back in our lives and see the spirits work in our life? What do people who haven’t known Jesus do good things. John M. Says God is present in all of us no matter if we have known Jesus or not. We practiced