October 31, 2017 psalm 81, john 15, psalm 86 (26)

This Jesus talk about the parable of the vineyard. We don’t talk about abide, but the words about love flow off our tongues. The message says abide forever in me. Verse 22 Jesus says if he had come and introduced sin, and therefore now had no excuse. He is talking about abiding and staying firm in your belief. Is this more of a call to act kindly to others. You are beyond redemption only if you chose to reject God. Luther believed that some are not saved. Eldon asked if Hitler could be saved and pastor Koch had said of course if God wanted to. Hal though is that Jesus was talking about the present moment and how we should act towards others in that moment. Do saved people do bad things? If people have to give up something to act like Jesus, it is often a problem. We are saved by gods faithfulness, not by our own works and deeds. Where is the real faith, in Jesus or our own constructs of what God would do. We can’t judge others because we don’t know our inner thoughts as God does.  We read more verses by al to honor Mark on his retirement and leaving our group. He has done a great job keeping us together and focussed on the bible.