October 24, 2017 psalm 2, john 14, psalm 47, (23)

John 14 begins the farewell passages. Philip asks the way and Jesus said “I am the way, the truth, and the life.  He also says he is essentially in the father and he is in me. This is very confusing to see the relationship between Jesus and the Father. The question raised by john is whether we are part of the you from Jesus. The question then is do you have to know Jesus to be saved? Where do you find the authority? No one comes to the father but by me? Is it a done deal and that allows us to change the world through Jesus. Hell is reserved for those who reject Jesus and through him with the Father. Do we limit the metaphor of God, or are there other versions of God like that of Buddhists. But here Jesus says no one comes to the gather but by me. We got into a discussion of death and how we know it is time. But remember the Catholics believe it is a mortal sin to take your own life. Al suggested the the testament  of the 12 patriarchs. Pastor Pries says we should not worry about the salvation of others. Nothing can separate us from the live of God. It was important for Luther to read Romans such as Romans 1:16-17. Do we focus more on the afterlife as opposed to how live now in our current life. Chapters 14-17 may have been added later. This changes things greatly. The bible is the basis for us to live in Christ according to the ELCA. In john 13 Jesus says a commandment I give you to love one another.