October 17, 2017 psalm 67, john 13, psalm 110, (26)

Jeff had a big fire in his hog barn and lost a lot of hogs. Mark read from the Augsburg study bible about Lincoln. Not all the actions are in the biography, as john includes the items about Jesus to lead us to believe in Jesus. There are more books written about Lincoln than anybody else. Everything in john is there for a reason. This is  lot of detail about washing the feet of his disciples nd using the story to talk about the kingdom of God. Include here is foot washing, love command, betrayal, and confusion among the disciples. Verse 33 has Jesus talking about his conversation with the Jews and this may have referred to his conversation with the Jews from Greece in john 12:20-30. We talked about Judas and the possibility that Jesus told Judas to do what he was going to do, namely the betrayal. Why did Jesus have to be identified by judas when he had been among them many times. Washing feet is an important part of Islam. Jesus insisted on washing the feet of the disciples and in that way becomes a servant of them. Is Jesus talking in the love command about how the disciples should treat each others. Or is this command for all Christians? Greek has several words for different kinds of love. The admonition to love occurs as early as Leviticus. Jesus is moving away from the Jews here and possibly opening the church up to us others. Mark read Philippians 13 about love replacing love with Jesus. Psalm 110 mentions the priesthood of Malchizedek. He is a Zepher, just showing up without mother or father.