October 10, 2017 Psalm 18:1-15, John 12-22-50, Psalm 118:16-29, (24)

We are on the threshold of glory for Jesus. All the gospel writers have Jesus going to Jerusalem. Mark, Matthew, and Luke focus on death and sadness, but John on the coming glory. John doesn’t have a transfiguration. Here we have Philip saying the people (the Greeks) have come to see Jesus. In chapter 6, Andrew talks about the boy with some fish to feed the 5000 and Philip complains about the cost of feeding all these people. Why was it the Greeks to whom he announced that his time had come. Why didn’t he say this to the Jews. We talked about ancient scriptures assad the language in which they are written. The dead sea scrolls are written in Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek.  Greek has neither spaces or punctuation. Verse 31 says the ruler of the earth will be thrown out. Who is this ruler? Some versions say it is Satan. This moves Jesus to a realm beyond the physical to the spiritual, God versus Satan. Jesus is saying that if my rule was physical, it would be limited to my lifetime not forever. Luther 2nd live in the law gospel tension, where we are condemned and saved at the same time. Which is the way, you have to believe therefore you do, or do in order to believe. Do nonbelievers get to heaven, pried sa us it is none of my business. In verse 42, do we choose gods way or the peoples way, please God versus pleasing the people. Here is a good deed that is judged on the basis of whether it pleases God or people around us. Verse 10:34 compares with 12:36 In terms of being in the light of God. According to luther be ablaze with the light of Christ.