October 3, 2017 Psalm 51:1-12, John 11:45-57 , Psalm 51:13-19,(20)

Psalm 51 is the source of original sin. We start out hearing about Jesus being a wanted man by the priests and Pharisees. Jesus appeared to want to choose his time for death. He appears to be incognito at times he chooses. Maybe it was because he wanted to fulfill scripture about his death. He went from a triumphant entry (riding on a donkey) to his death later that week. The priests were trying to maintain their political power. Caiaphas prophesied that Jesus was going to die. But the Romans didn’t have a problem with Jesus but the Jewish leaders were afraid he would stir up a problem with the Romans that could undermine their authority. Killing Lazarus would be a problem because Jesus would enhance his standing by raising him again. Just a note about Nard. It is perfume from a flowering plant which grows in the Himalayas of Nepal, India and China.