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October 31, 2017 psalm 81, john 15, psalm 86 (26)

This Jesus talk about the parable of the vineyard. We don’t talk about abide, but the words about love flow off our tongues. The message says abide forever in me. Verse 22 Jesus says if he had come and introduced sin, and therefore now had no excuse. He is talking about abiding and staying firm in your belief. Is this more of a call to act kindly to others. You are beyond redemption only if you chose to reject God. Luther believed that some are not saved. Eldon asked if Hitler could be saved and pastor Koch had said of course if God wanted to. Hal though is that Jesus was talking about the present moment and how we should act towards others in that moment. Do saved people do bad things? If people have to give up something to act like Jesus, it is often a problem. We are saved by gods faithfulness, not by our own works and deeds. Where is the real faith, in Jesus or our own constructs of what God would do. We can’t judge others because we don’t know our inner thoughts as God does.  We read more verses by al to honor Mark on his retirement and leaving our group. He has done a great job keeping us together and focussed on the bible.

October 24, 2017 psalm 2, john 14, psalm 47, (23)

John 14 begins the farewell passages. Philip asks the way and Jesus said “I am the way, the truth, and the life.  He also says he is essentially in the father and he is in me. This is very confusing to see the relationship between Jesus and the Father. The question raised by john is whether we are part of the you from Jesus. The question then is do you have to know Jesus to be saved? Where do you find the authority? No one comes to the father but by me? Is it a done deal and that allows us to change the world through Jesus. Hell is reserved for those who reject Jesus and through him with the Father. Do we limit the metaphor of God, or are there other versions of God like that of Buddhists. But here Jesus says no one comes to the gather but by me. We got into a discussion of death and how we know it is time. But remember the Catholics believe it is a mortal sin to take your own life. Al suggested the the testament  of the 12 patriarchs. Pastor Pries says we should not worry about the salvation of others. Nothing can separate us from the live of God. It was important for Luther to read Romans such as Romans 1:16-17. Do we focus more on the afterlife as opposed to how live now in our current life. Chapters 14-17 may have been added later. This changes things greatly. The bible is the basis for us to live in Christ according to the ELCA. In john 13 Jesus says a commandment I give you to love one another.

October 17, 2017 psalm 67, john 13, psalm 110, (26)

Jeff had a big fire in his hog barn and lost a lot of hogs. Mark read from the Augsburg study bible about Lincoln. Not all the actions are in the biography, as john includes the items about Jesus to lead us to believe in Jesus. There are more books written about Lincoln than anybody else. Everything in john is there for a reason. This is  lot of detail about washing the feet of his disciples nd using the story to talk about the kingdom of God. Include here is foot washing, love command, betrayal, and confusion among the disciples. Verse 33 has Jesus talking about his conversation with the Jews and this may have referred to his conversation with the Jews from Greece in john 12:20-30. We talked about Judas and the possibility that Jesus told Judas to do what he was going to do, namely the betrayal. Why did Jesus have to be identified by judas when he had been among them many times. Washing feet is an important part of Islam. Jesus insisted on washing the feet of the disciples and in that way becomes a servant of them. Is Jesus talking in the love command about how the disciples should treat each others. Or is this command for all Christians? Greek has several words for different kinds of love. The admonition to love occurs as early as Leviticus. Jesus is moving away from the Jews here and possibly opening the church up to us others. Mark read Philippians 13 about love replacing love with Jesus. Psalm 110 mentions the priesthood of Malchizedek. He is a Zepher, just showing up without mother or father.

October 10, 2017 Psalm 18:1-15, John 12-22-50, Psalm 118:16-29, (24)

We are on the threshold of glory for Jesus. All the gospel writers have Jesus going to Jerusalem. Mark, Matthew, and Luke focus on death and sadness, but John on the coming glory. John doesn’t have a transfiguration. Here we have Philip saying the people (the Greeks) have come to see Jesus. In chapter 6, Andrew talks about the boy with some fish to feed the 5000 and Philip complains about the cost of feeding all these people. Why was it the Greeks to whom he announced that his time had come. Why didn’t he say this to the Jews. We talked about ancient scriptures assad the language in which they are written. The dead sea scrolls are written in Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek.  Greek has neither spaces or punctuation. Verse 31 says the ruler of the earth will be thrown out. Who is this ruler? Some versions say it is Satan. This moves Jesus to a realm beyond the physical to the spiritual, God versus Satan. Jesus is saying that if my rule was physical, it would be limited to my lifetime not forever. Luther 2nd live in the law gospel tension, where we are condemned and saved at the same time. Which is the way, you have to believe therefore you do, or do in order to believe. Do nonbelievers get to heaven, pried sa us it is none of my business. In verse 42, do we choose gods way or the peoples way, please God versus pleasing the people. Here is a good deed that is judged on the basis of whether it pleases God or people around us. Verse 10:34 compares with 12:36 In terms of being in the light of God. According to luther be ablaze with the light of Christ.

October 3, 2017 Psalm 51:1-12, John 11:45-57 , Psalm 51:13-19,(20)

Psalm 51 is the source of original sin. We start out hearing about Jesus being a wanted man by the priests and Pharisees. Jesus appeared to want to choose his time for death. He appears to be incognito at times he chooses. Maybe it was because he wanted to fulfill scripture about his death. He went from a triumphant entry (riding on a donkey) to his death later that week. The priests were trying to maintain their political power. Caiaphas prophesied that Jesus was going to die. But the Romans didn’t have a problem with Jesus but the Jewish leaders were afraid he would stir up a problem with the Romans that could undermine their authority. Killing Lazarus would be a problem because Jesus would enhance his standing by raising him again. Just a note about Nard. It is perfume from a flowering plant which grows in the Himalayas of Nepal, India and China.