September 26, 2017 Psalm 27, John 11, Psalm 28 (21)

Bill  gave a handout of the miracles of Jesus. John has fewer miracles than the other gospel writers. There were a number of people who claimed to be doing miracles, so it was important for Jesus to have this evidence that he was the messiah. Where was Lazarus during the 2 days till he was raised. Jesus felt people must believe in this miracle. John is the only one who has this miracle. Dan referred to YouTube documents on alpha about the value of this. Nicki gumbo is the researcher on this. A question was raised about which john wrote whether it was john the apostle or john the elder. Did Lazarus  say anything after he was brought back to life. Jesus says he is doing this for the crowd. A note in the text says the Jews believed the soul left the body after 3 days so Jesus waited the 4 days to make sure the people knew he was dead. Thus it would be a real miracle and Jesus adds to his credentials as the messiah. The bible doesn’t say Jesus raised Lazarus, but he petitioned God to raise him from the dead. Then he thanks God for bringing Lazarus back to life. In verse 25, Jesus says that whoever believes in me shall never die. So why do people die. There is a note to the effect that everyone dies but we live in the hope of resurrection