September 19, 2017 Psalm 25-1-10, John 10, Psalm 25:11-22 (17)

We had a discussion about sheep as john 10 is about. Jesus was talking about his divinity. Notice that he slipped away when they were about to stone him. There are slight discrepancies between 30, 36, and 38 about his relationship with God. He says he is God and also son of God. Verse 16 seems to refer to all the others to whom his ministry is directed. The Mormons think it is about them. Supposedly Jesus came to the Mormons in new York and was supposedly inviting them into his kingdom. Maybe Jesus was using the shepherd as the magnet for the people to follow him as the sheep followed their shepherd. Would the shepherd actually lay down his life for the sheep. But a hired hand would not according to David in Samuel. Why did they want to kill Jesus? If God didn’t a discussion, he shouldn’t have chosen the Jews to be the people to whom Jesus came. Here Jesus says here that they should believe that the miracles he has done are from God.