September 5, 2017 Psalm 23, John 31-48, Psalm 95 (24)

we start with verses 31-48, and it could be seen as boring.  People do think of themselves as being free, but we are slaves or subordinates of many factors. However freedom entails responsibility. Sometimes we give up our life for freedom as when you join the military. This is talking about freedom the law?? take up the stake that holds you in a rut of life. Maybe we are talking about the freedom from ignorance. Are we chosen, or do we take our relationship with God. You can see how Jesus turned things upside down with the Jews. Why should we follow Jesus? Do we treat our fellow man like Jesus would have done. Did people understand the difference between being children of Abraham or following Jesus? People hijack God for their purposes. For example Joel Osteen with his gospel of prosperity.