August 15, 2017 Psalm 131, John 6:16-71, Psalm 132 (19)

Vs 14-15 The response of the mob
VS 16-21 a very present help in time of trouble. Jesus walks on water
VS 22-27 the mistaken search — ask for the bread of life from the son of man
VS 28-29 the only true work
Vs 30-34 demand for a sign
Vs 35-40 the bread of life
VS 41-51 the failure of the Jews
VS 51-59 his body and his blood
VS 59-65 the all important spirit
VS 66-71 attitudes to Christ
Would we rather have monotheism? This is written years after this happened and some theology had been developed and was being sold here as well. Does it make a difference if Jesus is God or the son of God? If God is a life force, God can appear however he wants to. But this is hard to accept for some. This the reference to the last day and we will be taken into heaven. Many of the Jews didn’t believe in life after death so Jesus is introducing this to his disciples. Some of the people with him were disciples beyond the 12, sort of like groupies. These people aren’t really named but they undoubtedly helped spread the word about Jesus to their friends.