July 18, 2017 psalm 72:1-14, john 3:22- psalm 72:15-20, (21)

How did John the Baptist know that Jesus was the messiah? Possibly the oral tradition, possibly the fact that this was written 70 years after Jesus’s death. There is a legend that John studied in Nepal. Who knew? What is the difference  between Jesus and John. Jesus baptized with the holy spirit and John did it for repentance. Registering a baptism is done on the web site. When you are baptized you become a member of the church. Prices tries to keep confirmation from being the second baptism. Baptizing infants is from Acts 10 for Cornelius household. We do the mechanics but God makes the transformation of the individual. Luther says baptism is by faith alone. Who gives the authority for baptism, maybe it can be done by most anyone, but it is by the authority of God. It is a rite of belonging. Would I want to be baptized to be part of the community. How important is the church as a community or is that the main reason to go. Does that diminish God? It is a symbol, and does that mean they aren’t members of Christ. Does baptism make one Christian?