July 11, 2017 psalm 46, John, 3:1-21,, psalm 48, (18)

The psalm 46 is the basis for a mighty fortress is our God. Nicodemus was a significant person and probably a teacher as well. Being┬ábaptized opens the way for us to be sanctified and we are aware of this change and revel in it. Nicodemus was a ruler of the Jews. John is speaking to Nicodemus but at the same time he is speaking to the whole group. John is in a rush to tell people about the things Jesus is doing, while the other gospel writers are more secretive and dramatic in their release of information. Verse 18 can be a difficult verse because of the implied condemnation. We might think of this more as self examination rather than a judgement from some other person of authority. Verse 17 makes it more inviting and always there is help. Maybe it should be a chain reaction to bring people to Christ. Was the door to opened by Jesus, but that door was not open before. In v 13 the concept of heaven being up is stated and says there has been no one except for Jesus who came down who will go up. There is a heaven but we don’t know where it is. The Nicodemus story is significant because it opens the story up for us. What does Jesus bring that is different than Jews had experienced. Jesus freed us from the law