July 4, 2017 Psalm 45,1-9, John 2:12-25, psalm 9:10-17, (9)

John has the cleansing of the temple earlier in the other Gospels. John has many trips to Jerusalem, while others have just one. Jews seem to ask for signs, Greeks ask for wisdom. The temple merchants had a large markup on sacrifice animals and there was chaos. There is a question of commerce in the church. Maybe this is the beginning of Jews as money changers and other merchants. The Jews were practicing usury, however there is a question of what usury actually is. Jesus wants the temple to be a place of prayer. In Tanzania they have 4 offerings, regular, sacrificial, Thanksgiving, and special needs. It is significant that the cleansing of the temple is near the Passover and Jesus wants people to understand why the temple was there. Emphasize the worship. The zeal of thine house hath consumed you means your faith is your expression of your life. You obsess about it. High level of enthusiasm.