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July 25, 2017 Psalm 40:1-10, John 4, Psalm 40:11-17 (18)

Samaria was the capitol of the northern kingdom and was in the mountains of the west bank. John remarked that this was the second sign of jesus. When the northern kingdom was taken to Assyria they assimilated and the judeans resented that and destroyed their temples. It was probably the case that she was barren and no t a tramp. Women appeared to have a more prominent position than they did in the middle ages. It has continued to this day. Mohammad didn’t demand women cover up as they do today. Sandal talks about this issue of women in the church. Is verse 36 about heaven or the pleasant time. But isn’t this about the time that people were writing about virtual heaven and John was part of the virtual heaven. Feminization of the church started 200 years ago, says Mark. We also discussed strong women of the church in our lives. Our view of God (Jesus) have obviously changed from biblical times. We relies on metaphors to understand the Bible. The word Yahweh is used many times in john. The purpose of john is to accept the messiah and that he is the savior.

July 18, 2017 psalm 72:1-14, john 3:22- psalm 72:15-20, (21)

How did John the Baptist know that Jesus was the messiah? Possibly the oral tradition, possibly the fact that this was written 70 years after Jesus’s death. There is a legend that John studied in Nepal. Who knew? What is the difference  between Jesus and John. Jesus baptized with the holy spirit and John did it for repentance. Registering a baptism is done on the web site. When you are baptized you become a member of the church. Prices tries to keep confirmation from being the second baptism. Baptizing infants is from Acts 10 for Cornelius household. We do the mechanics but God makes the transformation of the individual. Luther says baptism is by faith alone. Who gives the authority for baptism, maybe it can be done by most anyone, but it is by the authority of God. It is a rite of belonging. Would I want to be baptized to be part of the community. How important is the church as a community or is that the main reason to go. Does that diminish God? It is a symbol, and does that mean they aren’t members of Christ. Does baptism make one Christian?

July 11, 2017 psalm 46, John, 3:1-21,, psalm 48, (18)

The psalm 46 is the basis for a mighty fortress is our God. Nicodemus was a significant person and probably a teacher as well. Being baptized opens the way for us to be sanctified and we are aware of this change and revel in it. Nicodemus was a ruler of the Jews. John is speaking to Nicodemus but at the same time he is speaking to the whole group. John is in a rush to tell people about the things Jesus is doing, while the other gospel writers are more secretive and dramatic in their release of information. Verse 18 can be a difficult verse because of the implied condemnation. We might think of this more as self examination rather than a judgement from some other person of authority. Verse 17 makes it more inviting and always there is help. Maybe it should be a chain reaction to bring people to Christ. Was the door to opened by Jesus, but that door was not open before. In v 13 the concept of heaven being up is stated and says there has been no one except for Jesus who came down who will go up. There is a heaven but we don’t know where it is. The Nicodemus story is significant because it opens the story up for us. What does Jesus bring that is different than Jews had experienced. Jesus freed us from the law

July 4, 2017 Psalm 45,1-9, John 2:12-25, psalm 9:10-17, (9)

John has the cleansing of the temple earlier in the other Gospels. John has many trips to Jerusalem, while others have just one. Jews seem to ask for signs, Greeks ask for wisdom. The temple merchants had a large markup on sacrifice animals and there was chaos. There is a question of commerce in the church. Maybe this is the beginning of Jews as money changers and other merchants. The Jews were practicing usury, however there is a question of what usury actually is. Jesus wants the temple to be a place of prayer. In Tanzania they have 4 offerings, regular, sacrificial, Thanksgiving, and special needs. It is significant that the cleansing of the temple is near the Passover and Jesus wants people to understand why the temple was there. Emphasize the worship. The zeal of thine house hath consumed you means your faith is your expression of your life. You obsess about it. High level of enthusiasm.