May 16, 2017 psalm 63 Deuteronomy 31, psalm 92, (19)

A song of Moses is in chapter 32. This is spoken to all the people but the forecast is that people will desert the Lord and then He will desert the people. Different ways to study scripture. Form, text , historical. Pries thinks this is jumbled together texts. It is like telling children that they will screw up and fail many times in their lives. There will be consequences of your actions. God was saying here is a beautiful land for you and Moses said you will screw up and lose it. Is 14 to 23 just part of the commission of Joshua. Why is it that God fights against the idols of the native people’s of the land. Is it that he is trying to keep us from the outcomes of those religions. There is a short term fun and long term happiness. It is hard to achieve a balance. Psalm 32 is a Bal hymn. We somehow got into a discussion of chosen where the people would breed into problems because of inbreeding. Elevated risk in the probability background. Read psalm cannonade Psalms.