May 9, 2017 psalm 140:1-8, Deuteronomy 29-30, psalm 140:9-13, (21)

I noted verse 29:26, it sounds like there are other gods God could have given them. Deuteronomy 4:19 also refers to this. We say today that we worship other gods like money, family, celebrities. But isn’t this the presence of other things that we worship. They wanted the Israelites to win and therefore ¬†they attributed it to god. Gene says that his daughters church in the communion says when Jesus is betrayed they say when Jesus hands himself over to the Romans. There is a lot of repitition of the phrase obey God or suffer the consequences, meaning your destruction. The life concept is repeated 6 times for emphasis. Hear the commandments and have a good life. Verse 14 says that your operating procedures get embedded in your being. If you live in God’s commandments then wealth will come to you in many ways. What is the evidence that God loves you it you love God and are attentative to gods call. One of Frank’s favorite phrases in a sermon is Now. There is an immediency to this which brings us into our lives. Assimilation can take many forms. Assimilation may include conformity. Language carries culture.