April 25, 2017 Pssalm55:1-11, Deuteronomy 26, Psalm 55:12-23, (24)

The fact that this being a land of milk and honey several times. When did the land become less arid than it is today. We also discussed the people who gave to remember the ancesters and God said they should not do that from the tithe. John mentioned the CNN series Believer which features Reza Anselm about different religions. Al says there is a strong emphasis on growing products outside the water saturated Delta areas. How did people get to be chosen? Maybe it is an identity thing that these people are writing their relationship with God. There might have been other people’s who also had this relationship with God. In early times there were other gods, but it has evolved into one God. This happened in about 300 ad.
We then turned to check 27. This is the chapter of rules and the people acquiescence to them. Verse 9 says thou art become a people of God. Might the use of uncut stone be a reaction to the pharaohs who set them up as God and thus were an affront to jehovah to the creation?