April 18, 2017, Psalm 17:1-7, Deuteronomy 24-25, Psalm 17:8-15 (22)

A question about Miriam who had leprosy. It is a skin disease carried by armadillos and is now called Hansen’s disease. Why would it be an abomination. Nationbetween. This is the kind of law you might work out over the kitchen table by the Pharisees. It is also like case law. Is God writing this down? If the Bible isn’t all correct then can we believe anything. Where is women’s rights in all this? Luther was also interpreting the scriptures at his time. This is a culture trying to make order for their society.
Chapter 25 deals with protecting the maleness of the society and preserving the patriarchal determination of the society. The 10 commandments were probably added in later and these rules were adopted to guide the city. In those days ones shoe was used to seal a business deal.
We are looking at dealing with questions about the readings we are dealing.