April 11, 2017 psalm 134, Deuteronomy 22-23, psalm 12, (21)

What was the difference between the clothing of men and women’s clothing. Why was it an abomination to god for a man to wear men’s and women’s clothing. It is the attitude of the individual not the actual clothing. No cross dressing because that confuses the sex of the person, and God has specified sexual differences​. What things do we take as rules to live by in the OT and what things can we ignore. Is the writer making up these laws. These laws came about through the levites but it was probably the regional society’s version of justice. Laws are important to nation building. And it was important to have rules to protect the morality of the people and the nation. These laws are based on some standard for the country and does it change over time. Does our constitution need changing or amplification by the supreme country for example to amplify the 2nd amendment. Chapter 23 is a wired set of rules. The eunuchs are trusted in Isaiah 52 than they are here. Verse 15, they speak against returning a slave to his master. Why are the people of the middle East so opposed to the use of interest on loans of money. Yet in latter years Jews have been very involved in money lending.