March 7, 2017, Psalm 131, Deuteronomy 13 Psalm 132, (18)

Moses wrote this but it seems to be different voice from what needs to be done. This is to kill people who didn’t believe. Pastor Pries read from a member who recounted a discussion he had had about Muslim jihad against infidels. In this text there is their God but he appears to be other gods as well. In the mega churches, they have the same sense of community. At Parkview they interview people to decide on the group they should join. Also the mega churches promise wealth as does this chapter. Muslim children have to beg for money in the community. Is this where the Mormons get the missionary practice? Are we more likely to be tolerant of those who are tolerant of us. In our society we teach our children autonomous and independent but then they belong to be part of community. We had a discussion about prayer and what it means when prayer isn’t answered. Possibly it has become a place of resting and personal peace in God.