Feb. 28, 2017, psalm 129, Deuteronomy 12 psalm 130, (18)

Shrove, as in Shrove Tuesday, is absolution. We talk here about statutes and rules given to by the Lord God. A large admonition against following the religions of the people who were living in the land given to the people of Israel. There is a repetition of what the Lord says in this chapter. What the distractions from your worship can you eliminate? Do these passages form the basis for getting other people who are not of your faith? Chuck suggests that we need to make our religion’s point of view known. There has to be a rule of law. You don’t have to believe the law but you can’t violate them. Jesus said give onto Cesear what is due Cesear. You give to god what belongs to god. In Micah we are told love justice, be kind, live morally, and do good to others. In the OT we wipe out the signs of religion but we don’t try to convert people in the New testament. The people should have focus on your religion and avoid the trappings of others. When is civil disobedience justified. Does anything in this chapter justify it. In Exodus you talk about property and life, and in Deuteronomy we talk about morality and worship rules.