Feb. 14, 2017, psalm 148, Deuteronomy 10, psalm (17)

Is Moses the Jesus person? Many people think that is the case. God told Moses he had to make tablets and an arc to hold the tablets, then he would write the commandments on the tablets. This is the authority for our lives. The language is so important to give us the way to interpret the word for us. The reform of the Jews a couple of centuries after Moses gave a focus on the relationship with javhway and gave Moses voice. We had a conversation about the 5 extra books, the apochrafa. It provides more information but some are thrown out because they challenge accepted doctrine. We talked about Rob Bell. It appears that Betsy deVos’ family drove Rob out. Bill says he was just tired out. There is the naming of the tribe of Levi who were committed to keeping the commandments and would not share in the land. God is always there watching over you. The used the tithe to support the levites. It did not always mean necessarily 10℅. John brought up a movie called is Genesis history, a faith based move in a series with the shack, and others. We read Isaiah 7:14 which shows the power of translations.