Feb. 7, 2017, Psalm 90:1-8, deuteronomy 9, Psalm 90:9-17, (15) foggy today

We talked about the physical difficulties of this passage and frank reminded us that it is just a story. Bill said the counting is Trump arithmetic. You can last a week without water, a month without food. God told the people they were getting the land because the current people were so bad. Why did they make the calf, possibly some traveling people who were successful with that kind of idol. What about Moses bargaining with God. Does God know what happens tomorrow? What does it to our use of prayer? You need a life like brother Lawrence who prays for the presence of God and becomes more contented and calmer during the day. Who made the other people on the land, didn’t they have the promise of God? The Hebrews were the church and were the chosen people. Thus an exclusive relationship. Is this being too exclusive or exceptional? As long as there is a story there is life. Possibly a caravan came thru with riches and they may have bought the golden calf from them. When you practice the presence of God you have God with you. Maybe you can bargain with God and be able to understand what is happening to us.